Michael Ruppert, investigative reporter, author of Crossing the Rubicon, editor of www.fromthewilderness.com:

This film is absolutely fabulous. Amund Prestegard makes watching information on a scary subject a treat. This is the perfect way to expose someone to Peak Oil for the first time.I am honored to have been featured in such an excellent piece of work and in such august company. We want to start selling this film as soon as possible.It really is an excellent piece of filmmaking.

Good job.

* * * * *

Sten-Rune Sterner, retired senior documentary producer, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation:

The film is excellent. You have succeded in all; with sense of timing, rhythm, cuts on mood. Gradually, due to few participants, you have created a "family" that quietly and easily are telling us about the "bomb" of the century. Excellent cuts and transitions. A great film about the global landscape. Great job, Amund.

* * * * *

Joseph C Sweet, Cornell University, NY, USA :

"Your sober approach to the subject of peak oil is a refreshing change to some of the apocalyptic reactions to the issue one sees in various media and on various list serves here in North America.  And even better, once the film finishes, one feels closer not only to the subject of peak oil, but to the individuals in the film, especially: Campbell, Simmons, and yourself.  Well done!!"

 * * * * *

Daniel Scot Baer   -- an aspiring filmmaker:

"Hello from Fairbanks, Alaska!  I recently saw your film entitled "Peak Oil:  Imposed by Nature" at our university.  I was particularly impressed by your editing style and also by the quality of the light and image quality in your film. It really looked very different from many other documentary films I've seen --it looked very "clean" and clear. 

    * * * * *

Tim Barton, European Social Ecology Institute, London:

"Overall, this DVD is a good introduction to Peak Oil for the lay public."

* * * * *

James Howard,Power Switch.org.uk:

"This fabulous documentary condenses a lot of important and convincing information into a great introduction to what global oil decline means to us all."

* * * * *