In the film Dr. Colin Campbell takes us to Stavanger in Norway where he worked the last 10 years of his professional career. He explains the aspects of discovery and subsequent production, the increase and the decline, and the fact that this will happen to the world as a whole very soon. Dr. Campbell is also our ”guide” throughout the film. Our ”anchorman”, so to speak.

Richard Webb is a financial risk analyst with broad experience from some of the world’s largest investment banks. He expresses his opinion about signs that the market is reaching an extremity, and that this tends to endorse what Colin Campbell and the ASPO are saying; that we are near the peak. Webb underlines the importance to understand that the dramatic event is not: "when we will run out of oil", but rather: "what will happen when there is less tomorrow than there is today?"

Norwegian petroleum geologist Olve Torvanger has 30 years of world wide experience in seismic surveys, searching for oil. He points to the seriousness of a situation in which our tools become ever more sophisticated, but we are finding less and less.

Matthew Simmons is Chairman and CEO of Simmons & Co.International, one of the worlds largest energy investment banking firms. He expresses a deep concern for the urgent need to take measures to prevent that the decline shall destroy our society. He refers to the word ”crisis” as: A temporary problem that has been left unattended so long that it has become permanent !

Aage Figenschou, Norwegian board member of Simmons & Co expresses concern over the oil companies’ downgrading of their reserves. He believes that we are near the peak, but underlines that it will not make people run to fill up their cars. "What we will see", he says, "is a constant pressure towards ever higher prices."

Chris Skrebowski, editor of Petroleum Review in London draws up the lines of a need for a much stronger involvement from government that could go as far as deciding who can have, and who can not. The Government, he claims, will find itself almost in a war-like situation.

Investigative reporter Michael C.Ruppert comments the fact that Dr.Campbell was approached in his own village in Western Ireland by US intelligence. Ruppert claims that what the CIA most of all wants to know is; ”how close is the ASPO to penetrating the public consciousness with the issues of PEAK OIL and how close is the public to acknowledging what it’s going to mean”. According to Ruppert the so-called ”war on terrorism” is nothing but a war to control the last reamining oil reserves of the planet.

US president George W. Bush is worried that the US now imports over half of their crude oil, from countries that ”don’t particularly like us,”... ”that it could jeopardize our national security, -to be dependent on sources of energy from countries that don’t care for America, -what we stand for, -what we love.”